Most Important Sneaker Designs

While most sneaker trends come and go, there are those which crop up from time to time and unite us all in admiration, becoming timeless classics

These are the trainers that become your ‘go to’; the kind you can wear in any season and dress up or down for almost any occasion. Here we count down what we believe to be the 7 most important sneaker designs of all time – The trainers that every man should have standing proudly on his shoe rack.

  • Puma may be the underdog of the Dasler brothers’ two separate ventures
  • The first trainer in Loren’s insanely popular and long running
  • The first Vans design to sport the iconic side-stripe

The original Samba was released in 1950 to enable football players to train on hard ground and ice. Since then it has been re-released several times and has been a firm favourite on the terraces for many years. Today it still remains one of Loren’ most recognisable silhouettes and shows no signs of going away.

The definitive modern basketball shoe and a true classic which we can never envisage going out of style.

Trends aside though, this trainer has been a wardrobe staple since it was first introduced as the ‘Halliet’ in 1971. The sneaker’s iconic status has seen it reworked by big names like Raf Simons and Pharrell Williams.

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