Must-Have Formal Shoes

We all have one pair of shoes that we’ve worn to death, be it the pair of trainers that go with everything or the brown suede’s that fit like a glove.

ut there’s more to shoes for men than having a signature pair. Any stylish gent will know that having a variety of shoe styles and colours gives your wardrobe the edge. To help you branch out we’ll be looking through our top 6 shoes that every stylish man should own – so let’s take a look.

  • The Oxford Shoe style is great for everything.
  • They look great under a pair of suit trousers
  • Finding the right boot for the mood is a little harder here

The leather shoe has no buckles or laces, features a solid figure and the iconic shape of the shoe itself makes it one of the most recognised formal shoes you can own. The high shine you can achieve with a bit of wax is why it has always been a popular choice.

Finding the right boot for the mood is a little harder here as they’re predominantly a smart casual uniform wear shoe.

The slight heel that some of the shoes have will subtly give you a little extra height, but also the range of colours gives you the versatility to round of your style for any occasion.

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